Art Program

austin special chicago art program

The Austin Special art program facilitates and guides individuals who show a strong inclination to express themselves through the visual arts. The artists are self-taught and work in a variety of mediums. Our objective is to help them develop their skills, nurture their talent and provide an opportunity for their art to be recognized and shared. We exhibit, promote, and sell the artists’ works as a means to provide earned income and a sense of personal achievement, as well as to integrate the artists into the wider arts community.

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To view all available artwork or to purchase, call the program director or the art consultant at (773) 282-4744, or contact us.

“What I find most interesting is the amazing range of techniques, process and vision that emerges from the group I work with. The tireless drive and passion, the depth and quality of the work, are pure expressions of themselves that they may not have the ability to express in other ways. Their work truly represents the work of artists.”     

~ Edwige Massart, Art Consultant

Message from the Executive Director

“The art program is an enhancement to the developmental training services. Years ago, the art program was initiated with the objective of providing the artists with expressive therapy and recreation. Today, the outcome of this creative outlet has reached beyond that, as their artworks have been made more visible and available through exhibits, greeting cards, and art calendars printed and published in-house, thus providing many of us enjoyment and a reminder of our own sense of wonder and fascination. The artworks evoke peace as well as activity; perceptions of beauty in nature, places, and faces; imaginative ideas; and emotional self-expression… all evidence of the many capabilities and various styles of the artists, as diverse as their unique personalities. Many of you have supported us in the past and continue to do so with every endeavor we undertake. Your generosity and friendship are deeply appreciated. Thank you for upholding and accepting what our artists give back- the gift of art, of talent, of beauty, of themselves.”      

~ Maricel Roy Aban